Thursday, December 17, 2009


it's been snowing and thundering. i've never had that before, even in finland.

i don't believe in actual white christmas though. it would be nice. i don't think i've had one for years, even back home, i'm sure it hardly ever stuck around over actual christmas. damn south. carl thinks i won't have to go to work tomorrow because of the snow, but i know i will. it would be nice though. traffic's gonna be mental, not that i care, cos i don't drive.

i had a minor christmas presents related breakdown earlier. and then managed to buy quite a few bits online in the end. fingers crossed they actually arrive here before christmas.

in other news, i actually had quite a nice day at work, mainly because i spent most of it alone in the warehouse wrapping post and there wasn't insane amounts of it. i liked the peace and quiet, it was pretty fucking cold though, even with all my layers. i fear i'm never gonna be warm again until march or something. i hate this country.

i was going to make me and carl finnish christmas dinner on christmas eve but apparently we're going to his parents already that night, instead of christmas morning, to save faffing about. oh well. i guess i could carve some ham, boil some potatoes and make porkkanalaatikko (carrot & rice casserole) there too. not sure anyone else would eat it though.. well, porkkanalaatikko at least. i keep meaning to do that since i moved into this flat, but it never happens. one year, one year. but not this year. again.

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