Friday, December 04, 2009


i bought earrings from new look on the way home. carl called them pat earrings. hell yeah, pat butcher is my style icon. fact. (excuse my clothes, i hadn't been arsed to change out of my uniform etc)

i've been a bit silly with my pennies it seems and i was £150 overdrawn on wednesday. but i went to the bank on thursday to try to find out wtf, had no success cos their system was not working and i could only see as far as the 19th, had a little cry, got a bigger overdraft and home insurance. not a good time to go overdrawn though, christmas. not to mention the fact that i have to pay 145,50 euros of student loan interest by the 15th. but srsly, i'll manage. i've decided to NOT PANIC or worry. and i'm doing quite well. par thursday morning at work when i almost cried, and well, at the fucking bank. just need to stop being ciders for no reason and such nice food. and maybe eat up everything that is in the freezer. there's 3 packets of tuna steaks, some river fish i've forgotten the name of, and i think there's pies too. we'll be fine. i've made a sensible christmas present list and i've got about £40-50 more to spend.

i've been doing extra hours at work. monday and tuesday were fucking mental. it's like someone turned the lights on in people's heads going "oh feck its almost december!" then it got a bit more sensible. i worked from 8.30 til 7pm yesterday! probably would've been there til eight but it was carl's brother's birthday and i had to get to their house. the last bus was at 7.22 and then again at 9.22 and i didn't have keys to even go home if i missed the blasted thing. i managed to finish all of my meat and chips last night, i got a smiley face sticker for it! (carl's mum is a dinner lady)

julie's coming round tomorrow for a visit, i haven't seen her since my birthday. awesome. actually, i should give her a call, cos there be local plans too. a clothes swap. i might be working sunday too. but i don't think i will unless it's absolutely mental tomorrow. i have housework to do (and no clean uniforms) and i obviously can't do any of it tomorrow. i think i will need my sunday. sure, i could tidy now, but it's friday night, and i don't like doing it when carl's here anyway, he puts me off. besides, i need some sleep. i am so knackered! maybe i should stop listening to harry potter in bed. it doesn't exactly put me to sleep. though i do occasionally just fall asleep on top of it.

this is one of the many reasons i love charity shops. steve, you ungrateful bitch!

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