Saturday, November 28, 2009


one of my favourite things about thursday & crafty deafcat was that zara gave me one of her beautiful fascinators! "think of it as a late birthday present!" she said. (my birthday was exactly 5 months ago on thursday..) what a lovely lady. i simply adore her hats. she said when she feels sad she likes to try them all on and walk around the house being all fancy.

i also tried on my 2nd favourite fascinator of hers, the love birds. i want to get married in it. fortunately she said she can make me another one if it sells before that happens. i think it will. how could it not, it's gorgeous! (excuse my face & hair)

my absolute favourite fascinator of hers though is the marie celeste ship hat! to my infinite sadness though, someone's bought it off her etsy. but again, she said she's gonna make more, different ship hats in the future. happy happy. maybe eventually i'll either come up with a worthy idea for a photograph, or even the cash to buy one <3


Diane said...

Ship hats?? That is freakin' amazing!

stina said...

they are SOO gorgeous! i want them all.