Tuesday, November 24, 2009


me and carl went to southampton on saturday for the southampton craft & zine fest, which i will post about later. down the street from the art cafe the fest was in there was a shop called beatnik emporium which was a half vintage shop and half fancy dress shop. i found the kind of cat eye glasses i'd been looking for for ages. £3.95, a fucking bargain. i just need to get some lenses in them. the lady at specsavers told me last time i went to get my glasses tightened (i keep knocking into things..) that i need new ones, the old ones are getting a bit brittle after two & a half years of constant abuse. my goal is to do it before february and all the zine fests. save up for some eye care.

i should really get off the internet and do some crafty things for thursday. knit some bows to go on headbands & embroider some still secret projects.

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