Saturday, November 28, 2009


last saturday me and carl got up stupid early and got on a train to southampton via london town to table at southampton zine fest. which went alright. we were both just very very tired. i've been putting off posting the photos because i wanted to say something but.. it's all gone. but it was nice to get out of medway, hooray!

the only picture of our table. it was a bit of a hideous mess, so i didn't really bother..

steve of rumlad zine wearing the headband i made on the train. he had a table with isy morgenmuffel & hannah southcoast right next to us.

somehow i didn't manage to take any other pictures until clearing out time.. lots of people were still tabling on sunday so they just left their tables as they were, ready for the morning.

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frl.zucker said...

omg why did i not see those photos before!!! it looks so perfect, i wish i was there. :________(