Wednesday, November 25, 2009


tomorrow night is the night of the first ever CRAFTY DEAF CAT, a little craft fair at the deaf cat coffee bar (Penfold House, 10 High Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1PT) from 6pm til 8pm. VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO will be there (well, really is just me with the zines & some of my crafty bits and bobs..) as well as few of my friends with their fancy crafty things! there will be coffee, cake and fairylights too. i'm rather looking forward to it. a little nervous though, i'm going to leave certain issues of your pretty face at home.. i should go and knit & embroider like mad, right now! get the fuck off internet. i just need to put some more harry potter on the ipod (and maybe sneak in some miley cyrus..) and i'll retire to knit in bed. also, must get distro orders ready. i've been very naughty with them..

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