Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i booked me and carl megabus/train tickets to southampton on saturday 21st november. we're gonna be tabling at southampton craft & zine fair. i'm excited! it probably won't be that busy or lucrative but who cares. getting out of chatham alone is a joy. also, my brother is going to arrive in london for some sort of promotional stuff cos he's got another single out of hospital records. he does drumnbass or something, not really my cup of tea but good on him. so we're probably gonna hang out with him when we get back to london until we have to get the last train back.

when i got home yesterday i noticed i had a missed call and a voicemail from my friend sara. she asked me if we wanted to take part in a little craft fair they're organizing at deaf cat cafe on 26th november. of course. again, i'm just happy to get out of the house & seeing people who don't work where i do or are not related to carl.

the distro has done ok so far. no new orders for a couple of days, but it's expected. i've gone and ordered more stock though, they should hopefully be here in time for the zine/craft events above! there's still a couple of sets of unlucky surprise presents left, so if you want some you better hurry!

in more zine related news, i received the flats for me & maranda's split zine last friday and i went to the printers terribly ill-prepared and faffed about, but eventually managed to print a big piled of zines, including old ones i'd run out of. i just put some in my etsy shop and obviously they are also available at VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO!

"this issue is a split with one of my favourite zinesters, maranda elizabeth of telegram ma'am. it's pretty epic, 70 pages all together! i write about my brother visiting, are birthdays happy, going to brighton, meeting long distance friends & my newly discovered depression. maranda writes about riding her bike jolene and fighting anxiety, loneliness, small town adventures negativity, zine gatherings and more!

i'm getting even worse at these descriptions.

1/4 size, 70 pages."

i'm sure there was something else but i've been distracted by this.. (i actually kinda really liked st. trinians. i didn't expect but i bloody well did. i'm sure it has nothing to do with my affinity for pretty girls in school uniforms.)

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