Sunday, November 08, 2009


me & frl.zucker had the best ever conversation on google chat the other day...

frl.zucker: haha ok! hows work?
        did you petrify yr boss!!!!!
        (you have to)
miss tukru:i'm alright, even work's not too bad,
        nah, i think i'd go for SECTUM SEMPRA
        or at least levi corpus
frl.zucker: why not CRUCIO if yr at it :D
miss tukru:some days, im not far from AVADA KEDAVRA
frl.zucker: hahaha! you could also transform him into a ferret!
        so he will learn his lesson
miss tukru:well, transfiguration never was one of my strongest subjects
frl.zucker: yeah it wasn't mine either... i like datda though!
miss tukru:well, it is THE BEST SUBJECT EVAR
        i miss lupin
        lupin was awesomecakes. best teacher EVAR
frl.zucker: me too... he was definitely the best dfatda teacher!
        i love that he was poor <3
miss tukru:and wolfish
frl.zucker: yeah <3
        i just hate that he dies!!!!
        it wasn't neccessary
miss tukru:me too
        i just love him so
        like srsly looove him
frl.zucker: yeah he just teached me all the good things.
miss tukru:like, stuff we actually need to know
        like how to conjure a patronus
frl.zucker: yeah! nobody ever told us that before! but its so important!
miss tukru:i'd brew him wolfsbane potion anytime
frl.zucker: oh severus... thats so nice of you!!
        i didn't know you were gay?!
miss tukru:OMG CARL JUST GOT A TEXT FROM AN UNKNOWN NUMBER AND IT SAID: "Have you been using the Petrificus Totalus spell? Because you've made me stiff ;)" we have NO idea who it's from
        i want to get texts like taht too!
        awesome <3
miss tukru:I LAUGHED SO HARD!
        especially considering what we're talking about
        i am so posting this on my blog
frl.zucker: hahaha yeah!!! it must be OCCLUMENCY!
        haha YEAH!!!
miss tukru:& the comments in your blog too
        because it's like THE BEST THING EVER.
frl.zucker: i love that person who is always talking to random strangers as voldemort, i think its fuckyeahvoldemort?
miss tukru:yeah!
frl.zucker: YES do it!!! i love hp nerd talk so much <3
miss tukru:i think there was a few harry ones too!
frl.zucker: oh yes!! i always giggle so hard
        i love how the strangers always disconnect too :D
miss tukru:L. O. L
        i enjoyed the one that actually went "OMG r u voldemort?"
frl.zucker: you know what sucks though, hp isn't half as big here in germany as it should be, and as it is in the uk/us. IT SUCKSSSS!!! nobody ever knows what i'm talking about! i hate it!
        HAHAHA yeah that was so great!
miss tukru:oh boo
        wouldnt it be superawesomebestevar if we had our apparating licenses?
frl.zucker: oh yes!!! i so need to practice more
miss tukru:i keep being all scatty and failing cos i keep ending up outside 12 grimauld place instead of outside the hogshead
frl.zucker: i once apparated on the head of this old lady in hogsmeade!
        i think she didn't really like it
miss tukru:i dont think she was expecting it
        ruddy learners
frl.zucker: fucking twicross totally let me fail the test only beacuse of a FUCKEN eyebrow
miss tukru:totes unfiar
frl.zucker: ps. i would have totally been yr halloween date!! nobody here wanted to go either :(
        it could have been SO GREAT dressing up as hp characters
miss tukru:our surroundings suck ass
frl.zucker: YEAH!
        nobody appreciates the hp love!
miss tukru:i just wanted to go to the halloween feast and not slay a fucking troll in the girls bathroom
frl.zucker: yeah now my wand is full of slime!
miss tukru:i told some people at work about how i went to see prisoner of azkaban with my manics (&potter) fan friends from home in the cinema (in leicester square) dressed as a slytherin
        sonja borrowed me a spare tie
        they thought i was a total nerd
        and cos i took draco & neville & luna with me to see half blood prince
        i still have my cauldron!
frl.zucker: haha yeah everyone here also thinks it's so weird how nerdy i am about hp!
        i don't even think i know that much
        there's lots of details i do not know!
miss tukru:me neither
        just cos i've listened to all the audio books about five times in the past six months....
        except order of the phoenix, i've lost it
frl.zucker: yeah same here! i'm obsessively listening to them since i was 13 or something
        my dad always says i cant even go to sleep without them anymore
miss tukru:i've been listening to them in bed.
frl.zucker: nobody gets us ^_^
miss tukru:i keep falling asleep
frl.zucker: yeah same!!
miss tukru:and then the battery runs out and i cant remember where i left off.
frl.zucker: OH NO
miss tukru:ive only got one chapter left of half blood prince again :(
        i think i needs the box set
        need a spare £250 or something
frl.zucker: BOOO WHAT!!!
        i don't even have that much in my vault
miss tukru:only a couple of galleons
        none of this muggle money
        i just do not understand it!
        these weird paper things
        what ever happened to MASSIVE gold coins
frl.zucker: they have this funny pictures on them too! it's really weird, why would you pay things with PAPER
miss tukru:maybe i should READ order of the phoenix. old school. though i keep missing details when i read read :( i pay way more attention to lovely stephen fry <3
        and the pictures don't even move! what's the point!
frl.zucker: i started re-reading the books too just a week ago!!
        it's so different
        i love it though <3
        but stephen is awesome too
miss tukru:i is well bad at reading.
frl.zucker: i wanna do a harry potter cover redesign, thats why i'm re-reading
miss tukru:and besides i can't read and do the dishes or cook at the same time!
frl.zucker: haha <3
        maybe you could learn that spell from molly where the dishes wash themselves?
        you ask her?
        you should ask her i mean
miss tukru:i totes should

miss tukru:i kinda want harry the history
frl.zucker: like from other countries for example!
miss tukru:and i think i totes need tales of beedle the bard
frl.zucker: yeah i want all those books about hp too
        OH YES!
        MUST HAVE
miss tukru:i dont know why i dont have it already. i almost pre-ordered it.
        and then i didnt even buy it at all.
        wtf is wrong with me?
        i should get mum to get me all the books in finnish!
        in finnish voldemort's name isn't tom riddle, its tom valedro
frl.zucker: oh really???
        in german it's tom vorlost riddle
miss tukru:yep
        im not sure if he had a middle name in finnish
        google will tell me
frl.zucker: i dont get why they change the name?
        i mean its really important!
miss tukru:Tom Lomen Valedro
frl.zucker: haha funny
miss tukru:cos it has to be an anagram
        tom marvolo riddle = i am lord voldemort
        tom lomen valedro = ma olen voldemort
        and so on
        remember, chamber of secrets
frl.zucker: yes i do, but
        i dont get it sill!
        i mean in german at least it makes no sense why they changed it
        i think my brain is slow :D
miss tukru:i wouldnt be able to say, my german is bad
frl.zucker: but you do SPEAK german!!!
        say something!!
miss tukru:i did study if for two years, but it's mainly gone
        ich habe sauerkraut in meine lederhosen?
frl.zucker: hihihi :D
miss tukru:oh but i must go
        the highlight of my telly week is on!
frl.zucker: ok go to bed! we will meet at the great hall tomorrow!!
miss tukru:aka russell howard's good news
frl.zucker: oh i mean to the tv :D
miss tukru:i love him so.
frl.zucker: AWESOME <3
miss tukru:i'll be back in 30 minutes if youre still in the library
frl.zucker: yeah probably!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- -


tukru loves you said...

that's what i wanna do!

i may have to do my own version of this drawing.

i was gutted the other day when i realised there is no one in hogwarts i could easily be for halloween. no witches with a black bob & glasses. boo! you'd think we'd be plentiful. i guess i could always just be harriet potter. i have been called harry potter several times by random children, especially when i had short boy hair.

waay random rant.

(fuck this, i'm gonna go work for weasley's wizard wheezes. sort out their online orders!)

frl.zucker said...

you should tell yr boss if he's shit talking you again, ha! :D

you could be tonks! anyone could be her really. but yes, harriet potter is perfect. <3>

tukru loves you said...

i think it everytime i get annoyed at work. which is A LOT.

yes! i shall be tonks! i don't like movie tonks anyway, she's not at all like she's in my head. actually, she's more like me in my head. ha. just the problem of the glasses though :( i shall forever remain harriet potter (sigh)

damn, i forgot about the weird sisters! i could be their penny smith or something!

frl.zucker said...

we should totally be the weird sisters manager team. <3>

tukru loves you said...

hell yeah! the movie weird sisters, right? if they were real, they would be the GREATEST BAND EVAR.

yeah, movie tonks is rubbish weird, not awesome weird like she should be. (cos she is a bit weird..) maybe i should get temporary contact lenses just for being tonks.

frl.zucker said...

i don't care which weird sisters, i love both books and movie weird sisters! i also loveeee: the holyhead harpies!! gwenog <333>

- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- -

yeah, we're just THAT cool & awesome.


frl.zucker said...

hahahahaha we're soooo cool! :D ps. i love yr drawing too! <3

tukru loves you said...

we are awesomest ever.

ps. that's actually what i'm wearing. plus my special socks that match our distro. i'd post a picture but i can't find my camera charger :(

Anonymous said...

This is off-topic: I wasn't sure how else to contact you, because the email links on your profile didn't work for me, but I was just wondering if you sent out my order, yet. I hear the post is on strike there, and I've been having trouble receiving some other zines I bought from others living the UK.

tukru loves you said...

hi a,

i sent out all orders except two on saturday, i'm pretty sure yours was among them (depending on which person starting with A you are..) and the rest are going out tomorrow. the strikes were finally called off on thursday or friday last week i think, there won't be anymore until the new year which is a relief. we'd also been a bit rubbish, it seems carl was too busy with oxfam etc to go to the post office most days last week..

that's weird about the email links, they've definitely got the right email. for future reference its tukrulovesyou at and the distro's vampiresushidistro at


lauh-ren said...

fucking amazing. no, really.