Thursday, November 12, 2009


ON YOUR PRETTY FACE #9; i feel a bit extra insecure about the new issue. i'm scared i rushed it a bit & that my half isn't as good as it could have been because i needed to finish it by the end of october so maranda could get it out and about ready for canzine. meh. actually our first deadline was end of august. i had plenty of time to finish it really but i have a stupid brain that always leaves everything to last minute. with the next one i'm not setting a deadline. though i would like to have a new one for brighton zine fest. that's at the end of february, but knowing me i won't write anything until end of january, just watch me.

i've actually got two themed issues in my mind, subjects i want to write about a bit more extensively, more so than usual. first of all, my queerness. everyone seems to have been writing queer zines. especially ladies in similar situation as me (queer in a straight relationship) so i guess in a way one could think; "do we really need another one?" but you know, everyone's different. and i feel i need to exorcise some more demons, like issue 4 but my feelings instead of people. or something. i'm still ever so confused myself, i think it might provide me some clarity. the fact that tomorrow is the five year anniversary of me and carl's first kiss may or may not have something to do with this need. (issue 4 was 'inspired' by him moving in..) the other 'theme' is the rocknroll adventures of my past. semi inspired by lizzy marchin stars' hop a plane zines. though i've been thinking i should write them down anyway. i've been reading my old ljs from adventure times and giggled & sighed at old things. the good old days, man.

if queen boadicea is long dead and gone
still then the spirit
in her children's children's children
it lives on

if you've lost your faith in love and music
oh the end won't be long
because if it's gone for you then i too may lose it
and that would be wrong

i've tried so hard to keep myself from falling
back into my bad old ways
and it chars my heart to always hear you calling
calling for the good old days
because there were no good old days
these are the good old days

it's not about, tenements and needles
and all the evils in their eyes
and the backs of their minds
daisy chains and school yard games
and a list of things we said we'd do tomorrow
a list of things we said we'd do tomorrow

the arcadian dream has all fallen through
but the albion sails on course
so lets man the decks and hoist the rigging
because the pig mans found the source
and theres twelve rude boys on the oars

in the good old...days

some words are more true now than they were then. i actually haven't heard this song for such a long time, i'd almost forgotten how it goes..

i'm somewhere in there, just off camera.. that place was fucking rammed. one of the best gigs ever. that and the other night at the duke of clarence, pure fucking magic.

i'm going to stop before this turns into something i wasn't planning. save it for that zine.


Hello Amber! said...

I used to really love that song, haven't heard it in ages!

I haven't been keeping up with blogs so much, but I'm home alone for the weekend so I'll be wasting all sorts of time on the internet. I'm reading all your entries now. I really think you should do a queer zine! No matter that lots have come out lately (including mine). I put mine out because I needed people to discuss these things with, and your zine is going to add to the discussion and make my life more awesome. Plus, issue #4 was one of my favourites of yours, so a queer zine would be like, issue 4 revisited and expanded upon, which would be really cool.

Also, you look good in cateyes and fancy hats! Meow!

Hello Amber! said...

Hahaha, "lots of queer zines have come out" - no pun intended!