Sunday, November 22, 2009


i personally think they're the best ones. at least i like them better than the UK ones. possibly because they are hilarious. harry's got quite an epic quiff and all! i think dolores umbridge, or pimento as she's translated, is particularly spectatular on the cover for order of the phoenix. i've decided i want to own all the books in both english and finnish. (i think i've got all but first two in english..) must ask mummy to keep an eye out for cheap copies for me.. it's hardly likely i'll find any in charity shops round medway. i wish.

PS, by the way this is my copy of harry potter and the half-blood prince:


frl.zucker said...
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frl.zucker said...

yay for the mud blood witch <333

the finnish covers look so funny!!! everyone has such long noses haha <3

vampire said...

well, you know, witches have big ugly noses! <3

tukru loves you said...

oh i so need to learn to log out of the distro email when i make comments!