Tuesday, April 06, 2010


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Do you keep a journal or arty diary of any kind?

i must confess i don't really keep a diary. i have a notebook i carry pretty much everywhere with me (except i don't know where the fuck it is right now and that is making me kinda anxious. my precious kitty book!! i'm holding it in the picture above, along side a library book of photographs of paranormal activity.) but i don't write a journal. i tried a few years ago and well.. my mind is too fragmented for real journals. so i just keep a zine notebook, really. most things i write end up either in zines, on this blog or on my tumblr. i should probably try to keep a diary again.. get yet another fucking notebook. they've got some quite good ones at wilkos. and journal sets at work. kids' ones with locks and all. i've been somewhat tempted by the tinkerbell set...

Tell us what your novel is about and when it will be finished.

i jokingly call it my ya queer novel (which is what it is) & i prefer not to talk about the plot cos, omg spoilers. but it's pretty much about friendship, grrrrls, confusion and stuff. by this rate, it will never ever be finished. i've been 'writing' it since november 2005 and i'm at chapter 9 so far and just under 13,000 words. and nowhere near finished.

You mentioned on your blog about doing a queer girl issue of your zine so do you have girl crushes or class yourself as bisexual?

i have plenty of girl crushes. more crushes on girls than boys, really. i don't class myself as bisexual because that suggests i believe that there is a gender binary as in two separate sexes or whatever and i like them both. i don't really like people according to what they've got in their pants but in their hearts and minds, you know, personalities i guess. the person i'm currently with and in love with just happens to be a boy. but yeah, i prefer to use the word queer, that leaves more 'choice' for me. and no, i'm not 'just greedy'.


in other news, work was shit today, i've been listening to sand witches & best coast on repeat, and i'm starting to shit myself about playing dancing songs at GIRL GERMS on saturday. i haven't got a clue what i'm gonna play. well, i have a clue, but it's not a very.. solid clue. hopefully tomorrow i'll manage to work on my playlist? i'm gonna go watch heston's weirdo willy wonka feast with carl now, and try to cut and paste some zine while i do so.


frl.zucker said...

thanks for introducing me to the sand witches!!! i've read about them before but never bothered enough to listen, thanks to you i did and i think they're ACE!

miss tukru said...

you are welcome my dear!!

Enid said...

i have absolutely no idea what music i'm going to playing on saturday either and i'm bricking it!

i just found a butchies album which might feature heavily though!