Wednesday, April 07, 2010


today while i was still at work, carl texted me "hey diddums can you get some triple A batteries. theyre for your present i just found for you. Xxxxx <3" obviously i was intrigued. so i got some batteries from work and walked up to uncle steve's to cuddle cats & get our easter eggs (i didn't have my keys and carl wouldn't be back from oxfam til an hour after i finished work so, might as well) and this is what i was handed when i got home!

book of spells!

book of spells!

book of spells!

a HARRY POTTER BOOK OF SPELLS electronic game that came out around the same time as the first film. it's pretty much the awesomest thing that ever awesomed. obviously it's a bit of a lamer electronic game with info about things only featured in the first film (no luna, boo!) but it also functions as a kids' pda. it's got a phone/address book, personal notes, rememberall (ee!) calculator and alarm clock. unfortunately it won't let me have the right year though. only goes between 2000 and 2009. oh well, i will live in the past. and i'm cool with that. i tried to find it on the internets but as it's kinda old, this was the best i could find.

in other news, carl also brought me a really nice feeling grey cardigan i'm lovingly wearing right now. work was ok. selling shit on play now too. *rolls eyes* and i got good post. i've received two trades this week so far and both of them, i've been a bad girl and not done my end of the trade yet. boo boo boo. gonna do my best to do something about them saturday at the latest. sorry emilja & amanda, i suxxors. this is why i should sort out trades the minute i suggest them. wrap 'em up right away, put them in the 'to send' pile.. fail. also, i made notes about saturday night's playlist and i think i may be a little genius, even if i say so myself.


Anonymous said...

i want one!

E*phi said...

I'm so jealous right now.
But I think it's in good hands.
Happy living in the past (even an included time-turner! Incredible...)! <3

Kira Swales said...

I know you already said it a few times but..AWESOME! I love the lightning bolt button :)