Monday, April 26, 2010


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a few things in list form because i'm lazy and should go to bed:

+ i'm loving the new kate nash album, especially 'mansion song' and the hidden track at the end of 'i hate seagulls'. and everytime do wah do is played on the radio is kind of the highlight of my day. i just really like the riff in the beginning. it's simply delicious.

+ i feel better now that i've sort of sorted a bunch of distro orders and done a stock check. bunch of stuff's sold out though, and a bunch of orders are actually for stuff that's sold out. again.

+ i've been eating a lot of pasta salad (pasta, pesto, cherry tomatoes, two types of olives + parmesan) best evs lazy dinner / lunch. i think i'll be more or less eating that all week during my lunches. it's so nom.

+ order of the phoenix always gets me down because it's so extra woetastic. i'm being a bit extra everything at the moment, but i'm trying new strategies of coping. some inspired by not lonely #2 and some by my therapy homework.

+ i've started wearing my hair in bunches. except at work, can't be bothered with sarky comments about anything else. i should buy some ribbon to go accessorize with.


maren said...

i love love love kate's new album too, so much better than the first one! + i feel the same about doo wah doo, it always makes me smile <3

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love not lonely zine (though i may be biased as it's written by a good friend of mine). I've been following the coping strategies too and they've definately helped calm my head.

definately agree with you on the woetasticness of OoTP, I'm re-reading them in order and am at GoF right now.