Wednesday, April 14, 2010


i've had a bit of a meh couple of days and then i sort of set the kitchen / an oven glove this morning when i accidently turned one of the hobs on when i turned the oven on to cook cheese pizza for my lunch. obviously i woke up carl with the screaming fire alarm and no one was happy at all. i cried a lot and was still in shock when i got to work. also burned my finger, which keeps burning. ouch.

i set our ovenglove on fire. oops.

we threw most of the disintegrated oven glove in the bin in the morning, and i put it down the bin shoot on my way out. the front of the flat still stinks of burning and melted plastic (there may have been a tupperware thing on top of the oven glove..) even though i cleaned up.. and the windows have been open all evening.

comfort icecream

carl had a bit of a shit day too (including superglueing his sock into his shoe while trying to fix the shoe) so we bought some comfort food. uber cheesy pizza with filled up crust and icecream for both of us.

note from carl

i was feeling super useless last night when i didn't manage to get ANY zine done, and when i saw this note carl had drawn in my notebook i started crying cos it was so sweet. i am going to go zine RIGHT NOW. stop this uselessness crap, it's only making me feel worse and worse..


Emma Jane Falconer said...

If it's any comfort I managed to explode a mug in the microwave once. That takes special cooking skills ..

Also, when I was at school my friend's little brother sat on his tube of model aeroplane glue and managed to glue himself to the plastic chair, and had to go to A&E with a chair glued to his arse.

Emma Jane Falconer said...


Mckenzie Mullen said...

Well, if THIS makes you feel any better... I set my room on fire. Haha... about two years ago now.

My iPod:

My desk:

My room (bed in background, haha):

My room, again:

It's definitely scary. I hope you're okay! (mentally, that is)

E*phi said...

I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I feel with you, my sister almost burned down our flat a few months ago by leaving the oven on and putting a towel on top! (Luckily we noticed early enough).

Just wanted to tell you (again) that you're incredibly awesome. And that's why I'd like to present you with the Over the Top Award!

I hope you're ok. Looking forward to your next zine already...