Saturday, April 24, 2010


bargain hunt 24-04, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i had a bit of a meh start of a saturday. as usual. though at least i managed to not sleep until noon today, as i have done in the past couple of weeks, despite going to bed before midnight both fridays.. it seems i should really not sit in my jammies, ever, it just gets me into bouts of apathy, just trouble. i managed to beg carl to come into town with me after unsuccessfully trying to sort out distro orders (i'm sorry anyone who has ordered anything in the past.. two weeks. i'm currently made of fail) so i got my arse in gear and had a wash and got dressed and suddenly felt much less useless. i even got out my sailor dress i haven't worn since last summer and put on some perfume. we went into town to get food and even absent mindedly wandered into a few shops, mainly cex (second hand dvd game etc shop) and tk maxx. didn't actually dare to go to any other shops as i bought a bunch of stuff in both shops. still only spent about a tenner though. £10.73 to be exact. oh and then there was dinner, quite a bit of it too, for a few days (though i'll have to get top ups, like vegetables etc at some point.) even got fancy puddings for 40p (usually at least £1.99, if not £4) cheese, taste the difference burgers & more mince. nomface. carl cooked burgers after doctor who (WHICH WAS FUCKING GENIUS OMG I CANNOT WAIT TIL NEXT SATURDAY WHERE THE FUCK IS MY TIME MACHINE?!) and they were food orgasm. seriously. so good. burgers are pretty much the main reason i'm not vegetarian. also the fact i'm not really into denying myself things if i like them. life's too short. especially with all the read meat i eat, ha.

i'm rather looking forward to using my new carry on plates with barbara windsor in her swimwear. i loves her, and they're saucy. oo-eer. maybe i'll make some cheeky lunch tomorrow while carl's at oxfam. he's playing grand theft auto. i tried to get him to watch dark knight with me later but he wants to watch borat. i'm just gonna sit next to him and zine on the sofa. i'd be too restless otherwise.


Lykkesaurus said...

You can watch the dark knight afterward!! :) Batman rules!!

miss tukru said...

nah, after borat finishes it'll be bedtime. we can watch it another day. i will get my way, eventually.

nina said...

those plates! what a brilliant find.