Thursday, April 22, 2010

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“I Knew a Motherfucker Like You and She Said…” #3

It’s that time again grrrls! I am looking for submissions for the third issue of “I Knew a Motherfucker Like You and She Said…” It’s a compilation zine of writing by grrrls, edited by me (Clementine Cannibal). The theme of the zine is uncensored honesty on topics that we feel we are expected to be silent about. I want the real shit. There are so many things that grrrls are not allowed to say or ask or express. We aren’t allowed to talk about our bodies, histories, sexualities, even our opinions without scorn, violence or humiliation. Grrrls get told to shut up. We get told that we’re stupid, that we aren’t good enough. We are told that we are gross and ugly and should feel ashamed. This is a zine where we refute that, where we express what it’s like to live with that shit put on us, where we make room for each other and listen to each other. It’s not about judging each other, it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about being right, it’s not about silencing each other. It’s about listening to each other, and finding the courage to speak, to say the things you really need to say. We are listening. You can be as bitchy and fucked up as you want. You don’t have to spell shit right. You can rant and rave or write a story. You can bitch about bad lovers. You can tell your deepest secrets. You can tell the truth, how you feel, who you are. You can use a fake name if you want, or pimp your shit off in the zine. You can say shit in this zine that you might feel uncomfortable or scared saying in other places, because we got your back, and we are putting ourselves out there too. This is a girlVIRUS production and it is dedicated to the empowerment of all grrrls.

topics might include: rocknroll, punkrock, music in general, sex, pleasure, relationships, violence, sexual violence, drug or alcohol use or abuse, masturbation, ambition, partying, anger, feelings about your body, ways to "riot" or fight back, feelings of grrrl solidarity or feelings of alienation, experiences of humiliation or being "made an example of", things that really matter to you, things that piss you off, experiences with your period, learning about sex: the things you wish you'd known back then, experiences with stds, birth control, reproductive choice, abortion: medical and/or "natural", experiences with work, dealing with grrrl jobs such as retail, service jobs, sex work of various kinds, or trying to "make it" in male dominated jobs or neither or both, mental "health" or "unhealth", or "gofuckyourself i AM healthy", experience with psychwards and that whole psych world, being called or considered crazy/hysterical/emotional/fucked up, living in a world that promotes girlhate, sexual harassment, pedophelia, experiences with body hair removal (shaving, waxing, whatever) or not removing body hair, times when people threatened you or fucked with you and how you felt and so on.

Send submissions or questions to

for more info:

order issue 1 or 2 here:

please pass this on to your grrrlfriends!

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fist fight is a zine about girls and every day fights, from physical confrontations at shows, to the fight for autonomy with medical professionals, or the fight against advertising to be body posi. it’s about girl gangs, and strong/weird female friendships.

It’s about feeling positive and strong. It’s about being inspired by other women on days when we’ve been feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

we want your contributions! we’re interested in your personal writing/essays/comics/art.

when you’re submitting, think about: whether it fits the theme and feel of fist fight (if you think it does, you’re probably right), whether you want to lay it out on the page or if you’re happy for us to do that, and a title.

you should also send a short (like 50 words or less) blurby bio-y type thing. totally mention your own projects so people can find you.

if you want more info, or want to check if what you you’re making fits the theme you can contact me here, or email


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Urgent abortion support appeal: help a teenage girl in Northern Ireland.

Whether it’s a shortage of mange tout at the supermarket or a friend stranded abroad, we’ve all been affected by the cloud of ash from Iceland. But imagine if you had only a few weeks to navigate your way to England for a safe and legal abortion.

This week, we’ve heard from a number of women who were due to have travel to the UK this week for terminations, including a very young teen who is extremely close to the 24 week time limit for abortions in the UK. She had to miss her appointment earlier this week and is now coming next week by ferry and train – a roundtrip journey of more than 24 hours. Her mother solely supports her and her siblings with a part time job and now has to cover costs of £2,300 (procedure + money lost on cancelled flights + last minute ferry and train tickets).

Due to these extraordinary and extremely difficult circumstances, ASN has made a pledge to fund this young woman £500, much more than we usually commit to a single case. This is less than half of the costs she is facing. We would like to help more. If you would like to help cover more costs for her and women like her, please pledge to make a donation today.

You can do this by donating via PayPal (, writing a cheque (email for our postal address), or by making an online transfer (HSBC/Abortion Support Network/Sort Code: 40-11-18/Account Number: 64409302).

Please mark the donation “Iceland”.

Thank you in advance for any amount you can give – your donation will make a real difference to this family or to one of the other women who have had to re-purchase tickets to travel to England.

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i felt somewhat weird about reblogging about abortion support fun on tumblr five minutes after gushing about ola salo becoming a dad. like that time i giggled about finally 'yawn raping' carl, and then reblogging serious stuff about real rape. i'm a strange little girl, living in a strange little world.

in other news; i just pre-ordered my copy of in full regalia (squee face!!!) tomorrow is a boss free day at work yayeyeyeyeey, i failed to take in my signed electroral registration form to the council in time, which means i can't vote in may (poo. i actually really wanted to! go the usual tukru fail.) i'm trying to decide what dj name to use (i like kissakerho, what do you think) and i'm more than half way done with your pretty face is going straight to hell #10. actually, i know exactly what's going in it, i just need to finish writing all of it, and make it pretty on paper. i manage to scribble about 700 words about something on postit notes at work yesterday while pretending to you know, work.


Anonymous said...

no need to feel weird about posting a call for abortion support right after posting about someone who is psyched to be a new dad. reproductive justice is all about supporting in whatever reproductive choices they are making. yay for facilitating abortions for people who want them, & yay for celebrating excited new parents! no conflict there.

xx rina said...

oh! someone reposted am image from your tumblr ("excuse me") which i LOVED, and i started looking through your tumblr, which i was into, and wanted to ask you to contribute to a zine i'm co-editing. but then when i got here youd already posted the call out! (its fist fight).