Sunday, April 18, 2010


i watched 'blink' again today because next week episode will have those bloody freaky angels in it again. i think they might be my favourite doctor who villains ever. i just needed reminding of their creepiness.

i've got 21 pages of your pretty face #10 finished. and i'm feeling a bit lost cos i haven't got anything more to cut and paste (i'll have to write it first!) and i kinda just wanna cut & paste while listening to my new stories (doctor who audio books) writing's not really an option i'm not that multifunctional. i can't write and listen to that at the same time.. sigh. harry potter, sure. cos i know what happens, from listening to them five billion times.

oh yeah, i added two new zines to vampire sushi. about bloody time, i got both in stock last weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, that gif up there convinced me to finally start watching Doctor Who, and for that I thank you! Matt Smith + Karen Gillan = Awesomeness!