Thursday, April 29, 2010


i was a little bored at work so i gave myself knuckle 'tattoos'.
i'm gonna go live up to them right now. i've been skiving all week, boo.

i guess it's lucky half the good telly's not on tonight because of the some debate. i don't get to vote, so i rather not make my mind up, i'll just be upset i didn't get to make a difference. i get so annoyed when people say things like "oh i like clegg (the lib dems leader) but there's no point voting for them..." if everyone thinks like that, of course there isnt. i know i haven't been paying attention, but libdems do seem like the best option. labour haven't done a very good job lately (though everyone seems to be in a financial mess, so is that really necessarily the labour goverment's fault? cos you know, shit happens.) and.. well, remember what it was like last time the tories were in charge? (i know, i wasn't here, blah blah blah, but i've heard that shit went down, and it wasn't good.) carl got his poll whatever thing in the post the other day, i said to him "if you can't make your mind up, will you just vote on my behalf?" i think that's fair enough.

i'm so tired of the whole "it won't make any difference" excuse. so tired. if everyone with a bit of sense thinks that and doesn't bother, then dickheads who do bother get to make the difference.

also, getting really sick of the calling each other names tactics of political campaign. whatever happened to campaigning with actual policies instead "that one sucks more than me, vote for me!" crap. i'm sure the campaigns back home aren't this fucking petty.. it's really getting me down. especially since i've only seen posters for the tories so far in this town. i also got pissed at the "vote for english" advert on bbc last friday. fifteen minutes of some git basicly going england for the english. pretending not to be racist, but really being underneath it all. it was like bnp lite. really wanted to punch the telly. and carl. cos he was waving his passport in my face going "aren't you jealous of my pretty passport, it's got unicorns on it!" (nothing to do with the advert. he started it before it came on.) i may have got grumpy and screamed at the poor boy.

how did this end up an election rant?

"25 or 6 to 4" chicago

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