Monday, April 05, 2010


What do you do to overcome extreme laziness and/or self-doubt? (In case you never experience either: just imagine) Do you still live at Eldon Street? If so, would you think it's creepy if I wrote you a letter withoutjust because I love yr zines and blog?

oh i experience it all the bloody time. i'm still trying to figure out how to overcome it, it seems to be getting worse as time gets on, or maybe it's just the english winter that gets me down. not sure. i try to keep myself too busy to think about it. write, knit while watching enders, get stuck on tumblr putting pictures back on the internet. i'm afraid i have no answers.
i still live in eldon street. you're welcome to write me a letter, i love surprise post! though i am pretty rubbish at responding to surprise letters from so called strangers because i have no idea what to write back other than "thank you for your kind words" which is more of a postcard than a letter, isn't it? than again, i do have a pile of kitty postcards & matching envelopes that carl brought me from oxfam. i could finally put them to use!

Do you have a bath tub? (This is kinda important!) What would you suggest one does when nice ideas just get stuck in the brain raw and blurry and won't come out (in the form of anything productive)? What's your favourite (non-Harry-Potter) book?

yes, i have a bath tub. unfortunately that's all we have, no shower. not even a shower head because the tabs on our bath are too big. and the water pressure's all fucked up anyway so it would either be freezing or boiling water coming through. we currently wash our hair every couple of days in the sink & over the bath. class.
i would actually like an answer to this problem too! i've got so many ideas inside my head and they just refuse to come out in any coherent way at all. i just end of writing vague to do lists. other things i do: try to force myself, just scribble away, make a note of the ideas. it doesn't matter if it's incoherent and not good enough, at least that way you'll have made note of the idea and you can get back to it when you feel more able and it doesn't just dissappear somewhere where all the things you forget go. unfortunately i usually get ideas while i'm at work or walking somewhere and unable to make these notes. which really suxx.
favourite non-harry potter books.. 'tales from the moomin valley' by tove jansson. (and all the other moomin books) i also like the chrestomanci series by diana wynne jones, particularly 'conrad's fate', 'charmed life' and 'the lives of christopher chant'. also, i've read 'the perks of being a wallflower' by stephen chomsky several times, and will never get sick of it.

Is white kendal mint cake preferable to brown?

i'm afraid i have never had either kind of kendal mint cake, thus i have no opinion whatsoever.

Why are you so damn awesome?

maybe it's something in the grape soda. beats me.

sixteen candles, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

+ two from tumbrl:

Have you ever thought about marriage? What are your thoughts on it for you and your partner?

woah, that is a big one.

i don’t really know. in the end of the day (god i hate that phrase) it is only a piece of paper & bureaucracy, but a lot of people do take it seriously and getting married gives an extra ‘meaning’ or depth to their relationship in their minds, which is fair enough. each to their own, right? especially if you are ‘right for each other’ and all that. i believe everyone should be able to get married if they want to, i don’t see what right the goverment or the church or whatever has to deny people their right to take their vows if they want to. gay marriage wouldn’t take anything away from the ‘sanctity’ of marriage. love is love whatever form it takes. and people should be able to do whatever they like as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

personally, i would kinda love to marry carl, though i think it might be mainly so we could have a big party to celebrate our relationship, ha. how lame am i? watching some of my best friends get married and have super awesome wedding parties hasn’t helped. i have actually thought about this and pondered whether it should take place here or back home. what i will wear. the first dance.. and well. i’m not going to get into this now. i might write about it in a zine some time. we could have a big party anyway, without the whole getting married thing, next time it’s our anniversary or something. though we did just have a milestone one in november, five years. but every time i joke about marriage, he sort of freaks out and to be honest, i’m not 100% sure we’re solid enough for such a commitment anyway. cos you know, divorce is a lot of hassle if it doesn’t work out..

woah, my views on marriage aren’t exactly radical, are they?

(after i'd written this answer i realised the question was "have you ever thought about marriage" instead of "what are your thoughts on marriage". oops. need to learn to read proper.)

talk to me about how you feel about feminism & riot grrrl??? i wanna know what you think! xo

oh crap, that’s another big one! feminism & riot grrrl are superimportant to me, as one may be able to tell from some of my reblogs. riot grrrl is how i discovered feminism a bit over ten years ago (yes, i am old) i used to even ‘run’ the finnish riot grrl chapter. well, i did a website and another friend of mine organized one meeting and some gigs in helsinki, and we were both interviewed for a feminist zine back in the day. it’s rather embarrassing but hilarious that interview. unfortunately i can’t find the damn zine anywhere.

i’ve been meaning to write about my views on the whole ‘riot grrrl revival’ thing that’s going on, but don’t always feel like i can articulate my politics & views well enough to make sense. and that i’ll be scoffed at by the cleverer people than me and leave me feeling dumb. so i haven’t. but i don’t write about feminism and riot grrl very often exactly because of that. but i’m working on the self doubt. and hopefully manage something in #10. xxx


Bri Z. said...

i have the same kind of doubt when it comes to writing about feminism/riot grrrl. i often feel like if i don't sound scholarly enough no one will take me seriously. but then i realized my passion & dedication was what mattered, not my vocabulary. so i do hope you'll write more about it! i'd love to hear your thoughts :)

miss tukru said...

i have actually made the same realization, and also even if whatever i have to say has been said before there is a chance it will be read by someone who hasn't heard it yet and it will make them think/inspired/do it all better/whatever. i'm working on it, it's just really hard to get started! x