Friday, February 26, 2010





i made a little zine of mostly art for the BRIGHTON ZINE FEST last weekend. & i named it after my one of my favourite characters in one of my favourite films. i used to play saxomaphone too! i wasn't very good though, and i once even fainted at a lesson. it's bloody hard work. i do really fucking need the soundtrack to that film. i always forget how amazing it is.

anyway, i just updated the distro website. took off all the stuff that's sold out and put on some other new zines too. knock yourselves out! i'm going to the post office tomorrow to send off some trades and a lone etsy order (i don't really like etsy anymore.. much prefer distro orders.) i also have a doctor's appointment on sunday (i was as surprised as you! my doctor's is open on a goddamn sunday. brilliant) i've had a strange pain in my right knee for almost two weeks now. so i thought i'd go and see if i could see the doctor about it. and renew my prescriptions while i was at it. wahey. this week's been pretty fucking bad at work. i'm just really really sick of it. i've been spending too much time faffing about doing nothing on the internet. all week. all month, possibly all year. i think i'm going to go cuddle carl. i think the poor boy feels somewhat neglected.

incase you forgot how to get to our distro, here's a link: VAMPIRE SUSHI ZINE DISTRO!


E*phi said...

This zine looks awesome!
Also, I want kitty ballerinas like these!
Love your blog (and still listening to your antivalentine's compilation!).

Hello Amber! said...

Your new zine looks so crazy good! I just have to say that I'm so excited to dig through your blog now - I had an ancient computer that crashed a lot when I was looking at nice photos and stuff, but now I've got a new one and I can stare as long as I like!

miss tukru said...

amber, carl should be going to the post office tomorrow for me, and there'll be a copy in the post for you! + a way overdue letter that's been in the making for fuck knows how long.

yay for working new computer XX

Enid said...

I loved your zine! Super inspiring, it's made me want to make an art zine!

Also, you should so get a girls get busy tattoo! We can have a whole gang of girls with them!

special agent albert rosenfield. said...

the scan of your harry potter toys is excellent♥xx