Friday, February 12, 2010

last minute musings.

thought i'd mention i'll be in london town tomorrow (and sunday) on zine business cos vampire sushi will be tabling at ALTERNATIVE PRESS FAIR, at aloysius social club (phoenix road, nw1 1ta) on saturday 13th february from 12 til sixish, and then later at GIRL GERMS ANTI-VALENTINE'S NIGHT at the camden head in camden high street.

i wasn't going to be at apf cos i couldn't get a table, which i thought was a bit unfair as i did email the moment they announced they were taking bookings and it's not like there's a million grrl zine distros in the uk (two i can think of..) but emma said i could come and share with her and vicky. mwahahaha. thought you'd got rid of me? no chance. i reckon it'll go better this time, sitting with people i know and like and will actually try to sell on my behalf to the intrigued if i pop out for a fag or a gander around the room.

i'm excited and a little nervous. but i'm sure everything will be fine, it always is. and i've got the zines sorted. i just need to pack my party clothes and jammies, really. i tried to do a little new art zine in time, but gave up on wednesday because i figured it wasn't worth the stress fest. perhaps for next weekend's brighton zine fest?

i should go to bed, i was actually shattered today at work. and sort of freaking out about being unorganized. but i found my charger in the end and everything's more or less ready. shit, just realised i have no idea where the oyster card is..

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Lykkesaurus said...

Exiting, good luck! :D