Sunday, February 07, 2010


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i've been busy trying to do things but largely kind of failing. writing a lot of lists at work because i am so incredibly bored. it's sick and wrong, but i kind of miss the madness of christmas. at least then the day just disappeared, while now time just drags. drags drags drags. i need to do something about the situation, but as usual, i manage to just think about it.

lots of zine stuff happening. i still haven't read through my pile. actually i think i received random zines i'd ordered / traded for almost everyday the past week. ones i'd forgotten all about, ones i had ordered while sad (because that's what i do when i'm sad, i buy zines. i'm sort of doing it now too..) i've got a small list of zines i want to distro, but i'm trying to be sensible with money. i guess i'll wait until after all the zine events this month, it's not like any of them would arrive in time anyway. got alternative press fair & girl germs club night next saturday and brighton zine fest the saturday after! i should really book a coach ticket, but i need to sort out a day off first, either friday or the monday after, for recovery. i've already got the 15th off, which is a monday cos it's carl's 27th birthday and i'm going to be away most of the weekend.

i quite wanted to do a new zine for all this zine activity but that's one of the things i've been spectacularly failing at. boo. i'm going to at least attempt to hide in the bedroom and zine or something until it's bedtime. i've got some compilation contributions to work on if nothing else.

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