Sunday, February 07, 2010


"I'll admit it, I've got the compilation zine blues. I've been putting Fight Boredom together for several years now. Anyone who's put together a comp zine knows how difficult it can be. There are always scores of people who seem excited about the project and promise submissions, never to be heard from again. There are people who can't follow deadlines (like myself), and people who just don't understand the project (I once had to turn down an anti-choice piece that someone sent me for a feminist zine - wtf?).

I'm about halfway through Fight Boredom #4 and I'm feeling like I need a burst of inspiration. The original deadline was summer 2009, but that obviously didn't happen. Needless to say, I had a busy year. However, I would like to (finally) finish it on time for spring. I've received some pretty neat submissions (including a cookie recipe from Tukru, a hilarious list of ways to fight boredom from Dave Cave and a piece by my sister on stumbling upon local feminist history), but I'd like some more. So, in order to get things going, I've decided to throw a Fight Boredom Contest! Here's how it works...

I'm especially interested in topics like winter survival, your local history (for example, whilst putting together issue #1, I learned that the first woman to ever open a birth control clinic in Canada went to my high school!), throwing events and doing awesome things in small towns, your thoughts on the concept of home, fighting back against sexism / racism within the "alternative" scene, resisting mainstream / consumer culture, activism, and things that inspire apathetic teenagers. The theme is "Fight Boredom with Action!" which I think can be interpreted pretty loosely. Once your piece is ready, you can either email it to me or you can create your own page(s) and mail them to me. Please keep in mind that the format is quarter-size, horizontal (like Fight Boredom #3). There is no page limit, but remember that your pages must be easily reproduced in black and white.

First Prize: The first prize winner will receive a packet of ten zines (perzine, feminist and crafty) and a brand new copy of Bikini Kill's Reject All American, an album that continuously inspires me, plus your copy of Fight Boredom #4.

Second Prize: The second prize winner will receive a packet of ten zines (perzine, feminist and crafty) and a brand new copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2, plus your copy of Fight Boredom #4.

Third Prize: The third prize winner will receive a packet of ten zines (perzine, feminist and crafty), plus your copy of Fight Boredom #4.

The deadline is April 1st, 2010. So start writing!


Fight Boredom #2.5 and #3 are currently available at my Etsy shop. I'm in the midst of combining the first two issues into a split zine."
you should definitely contribute something! even if there wasn't a chance of zines & other prices! i'm currently working on another one (besides cookies)

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Hello Amber! said...

Thank you so much for the link, lady! I'm really excited about the contest.