Thursday, February 04, 2010


tuesday at work i had this magnificent idea to make some cards for the crafty deaf cat last night. so i did. i don't really like etsy anymore, so i thought i'd post them on my blog instead! i'm gonna buy me a book of stamps so any uk orders made before 9pm next friday should be with you in time for the big V day. any overseas ones.. order by saturday morning. europe should be fine, rest of the world.. not sure. fingers crossed?

for some reason i feel i should mention that in finland, valentine's day is ystävänpäivä which means "friends day". which i think is much nicer. more love to spread. love for your friends, not just lovvers. (and besides not everyone has a lover)

they're all hand coloured by moi (so they might be a bit messy... my crayons are getting blunt from too much colouring!) and come with envelopes.

hand coloured a6 card.

hand coloured a6 card.

oh and then, add postage according to your location! or you can just buy some stuffs from VAMPIRE SUSHI to go with them!


Jessica said...


I dont have a pay pal account, but I would LOVE to get a couple of the Bad Romance Cards/Culture Slut 19 and 20? Could I send you some post with concealed cash?

Also are you going to be at any of the upcoming Zinefests?

Hope you're ok sweetheart.


Chenilla-O said...

oh the Bad romance ones are cute. I'll have to find someone to give them to first x.x.x.

Enid said...

I love love love the sisters before misters one! So good :)

miss tukru said...

jessica; sure! email me at tukrulovesyou at gmail dot com for address etc.
i'm gonna be at alternative press fair next saturday & girl germs the same night and brighton zine fest the saturday after. it's super busy in zine land! i should really book me coach tickets...

chenilla & enid; thank you. i've got more ideas i think i'll make in time for next weekend. X