Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i've come to the conclusion that last weekend's brighton zine fest was the zine fest of filth. sort of. i bought TWO zines with slash fic in them! sweet valley 69 (which contained jem & the holograms porn! this obviously was reason enough to buy it. actually, i was probably gonna get it anyway, but that's what sold it to me ultimately. jem! slash! truly outrageous!) and bledel of filth (which was dedicated to gilmore girls.)

to be honest, i haven't actually finished reading either zine, but i felt i should share this already. it made me giggle and several people (mostly the ones i bought the zines from!) told me i should write more slash. and i told them stories of my old creations which you can still find on livejournal. read it and weep. that's how awesome i am.


vickeh said...

it's so wrong, but I want that zine.

Mckenzie Mullen said...

Oh, it's not wrong. EMBRACE THE SLASH. <3