Tuesday, February 02, 2010


VAMPIRE SUSHI is going to be at VALENTINE CRAFTY DEAF CAT tomorrow! i'd say more but i've got a ridiculous amount of stuff to sort out (why do i have brilliant ideas for cards the day before, really?) which isn't helped by the fact we have to go and visit someone in the hospital in a bit. there's just not enough hours in the day! well, there would be if i wasn't stuck at work most of it :S

so yeah, if you're in the medway area, COME AND SEE US. there'll be pretty crafty things and zines too!


Anonymous said...

did you know that the soldier & the lady in the white dress in that picture didn't know each other? he just grabbed her & laid one on her. it's so weird that people use a picture of what is basically street harrassment/assault to portray "romance". i have an acquaintance who dressed up as white dress lady & her boyfriend dressed as a world war two sailor for halloween & they practiced posing in that style & thought it was such a romantic costume. yeah, i always find it unbearably romantic when some random guy on the street grabs me & kisses me. except for not.

miss tukru said...

i actually did know, i remember reading about it in your lj, but of course i had completely forgotten about that until you mentioned it. it is pretty fucked up. not that i actually made the poster, my friend sara who's one of the ladies organizing the crafty deafcats did. but shit, i need to remember to spread the info. could have probably pointed it out, if my mind wasn't such a fucking siv. x