Sunday, February 14, 2010


just got home from london and zine & grrrl fun. i'll write about that later (or not, i might save it for zines!) but in the meantime, since its the day for lovvers, i made an all (but one song..) grrrl anti valentine mix (some of it was played last night, and i loved seeing people go mental to miley cyrus, and the gaga) & i thought i'd share it cos i think it's BLOODY BRILLIANT. (i usually re-tag all the songs into a mix when i make a mix but today i just couldn't be arsed. you can put them in the right order yourself, you're a clever bunch! and i included the tracklisting in a txt file in the zip. just in case)

1. girl’s night out - the knife
2. telephone (featuring beyonce) - lady gaga
3. girls just wanna have fun - miley cyrus
4. the show - girls aloud
5. saturday night - surferosa
6. ladykillers - lush
7. stutter - elastica
8. like a lady - the sounds
9. just a girl - no doubt
10. love me or hate me - lady sovereign
11. search and destroy - peaches
12. joku raja - pmmp
13. nightmare - the whyte boots
14. love und romance - the slits
15. white mice - the mo-dettes
16. get rid of him - bernadette castro
17. atta girl - heavenly
18. don’t wanna hold your hand - thee headcoatees
19. your kisses are wasted on me - the pipettes
20. you don’t own me - joan jett & the blackhearts
21. johnny, are you queer? - glass candy & the shattered theatre
22. electric chair twist - the micragirls
23. our daughters will never be free - the indelicates
24. girls don’t always wanna have fun - melody club


by the way, that’s the valentine’s day card i got for carl. i saw it at the alternative press fair, and i just had to. it’s by scribblehound. carl should be home in a bit & we'll have a cuddle and then reggae reggae chicken + rice & peas for dinner and go see carl's dad in the hospital. i expect we'll watch a film & eat ice cream (i got a tub of toffee & almond ice cream for 75p from tesco! the other flavour tubs the same size were £2.99. what a bargain, and it wasn't even reduced cos it was going off, or on sale. weeeird) when we get home. i had fun, but it's nice to be home. and i hated london surprisingly little during the trip. just when twats in camden kept walking into me. like proper. this happens all the time. surely i'm not invisible?

i haven't been this excited for such a long time, it feels fucking brilliant!

"dance in the dark" lady gaga


frl.zucker said...

ooooh, listening to that mix just now, it's ACE. it would have been the wildest girl on the dancefloor the moment you played lady gaga, that is FOR SURE.

Anonymous said...

this mix kicks so much ass!

E*phi said...

Oh no! Am I too late? It just gave me an error message (something like "the file has already been downloaded 10 times.. blabla". :(
Is there any possibility to still get it?

miss tukru said...

oh dear,
i've just re-uploaded it, done a new download link! hopefully that'll last. didn't realise there was a limit on rapidshare..

E*phi said...

Yippieh yay! Thank you! I'm listening to it right now and I must say it's THE very best most awesomest antivalentine's compilation ever! <3